We focus on improving the performance of client organizations across a broad range of areas. Please click the links below to see where Redding Consultants can help you!

Functional Areas Industry Areas

We have a deep reservoir of experience and benchmark data across many industries and organizations. We put a strong emphasis on sales force effectiveness, channel strategies, account profitability, SKU productivity and new product development. Our typical assignment starts by understanding the key sensitivities that drive revenue. We deliver highly detailed implementation plans. Typically, our clients realize a payout of from 5 to 10 times their consulting costs.

Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Case Studies

Our emphasis is on Operations and primarily cost focused; typically projects are phased over 4-5 months with key findings available in 6-8 weeks. We leverage our senior executive, functional expertise, benchmark database and competitive research to normally achieve approximately 5% cost reduction and about a 10+-to-one pay-out on consulting costs.

Operational Performance Improvement Case Studies

Our extensive experience, well proven methodologies and analytical rigor have delivered nearly $120M in annual profit improvement to our clients over the past 4 years. Typical assignments run 3-5 months, achieve savings in excess of 5%+ of baseline spend levels and deliver approximately a 10+-to-one pay-out on consulting costs.

Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization Case Studies

Our work makes extensive use of benchmark analysis of costs by functional area and activity value analysis. Areas we typically focus on are order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and other critical administrative processes. Our normal OVA assignment runs 2-3 months, targets savings of 20% of targeted spend and delivers approximately a 10+-to-one pay-out on consulting costs.

Overhead Cost Reduction Case Studies

Our typical strategy project has 3 main phases: discovery, strategy definition and deployment, and takes about 3-5 months to complete. This work involves rigorous customer and competitor analysis, fact-based assessment of company capabilities and a thorough understanding of costs. Deliverables normally include recommended strategy, supporting financials, implementation plan, next steps, milestones and metrics.

Strategy & Executive Counsel Case Studies

We have extensive experience and a well proven acquisition integration methodology that has helped our clients achieve over $400M in post-merger integration synergies. We have also led over 13 transactions representing nearly $10 Billion in total revenue. Typical assignments run 4-6 months, achieve synergies in excess of 7% of target company revenues and provide approximately a 20+-to-one pay-out on consulting costs.

Mergers & Acquisitions Case Studies

  • Fashion and Personal Use
    - Apparel
    - Cosmetics and Fragrances
    - Electronics
    - Health and Beauty Aids
    - Home Furnishings
  • Outdoor Living
    - Boating and Marinas
    - Home and Garden
    - Pool Chemicals
    - Power Sports
    - Sporting Goods
  • Food and Beverage
    - Beer and Alcoholic Beverages
    - Dairy
    - Fast Food Restaurants
    - Food Service Distribution
    - Frozen Foods and Desserts
    - Soft Drinks
  • Building Products
    - Home Security
    - Power Equipment
    - Retail Home Centers
    - Windows and Doors

Consumer Products Case Studies

  • Services/Retail
    - Broadcast and Cable Media
    - Commercial Printing
    - Direct Mail
    - Information Services
    - Marketing Communications
    - Telecommunications
  • Chemicals/Basic Industries
    - Biocides
    - ChlorAlkali
    - Industrial Gasses
    - Non-ferrous materials
    - Pulp and Paper
    - Urethanes and Polycarbonites
  • Medical/Healthcare
    - Consumable Supplies
    - Devices
    - Equipment
    - Manufacturing Processes & Equipment
    - Pharmaceuticals
  • OEM
    - Aerospace
    - Automotive
    - Defense
    - Telecommunications Equipment

Industrial/OEM Products Case Studies


Geographic Areas

We have had extensive line management experience and multiple assignments in each of these areas:

  • North America — U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • Asia/India — China, Japan, Korea, India, Philippines and Singapore
  • Western Europe — Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain
  • South America — Andean Pact, Brazil and Argentina